Would you like to travel to Cuba? - And would you like to know the best dates?

I understand we sometimes cannot fix a time due to work, business or family availability.

That`s ok!

But, how about avoiding all the effort and especially the time, figuring out the best dates for a perfect vacation in Cuba?

I will make it easy to you now!

Well, let me start by saying that in Cuba there are two well defined seasons: winter and summer. November to April, winter; and from May to October, summer.

Average temperature in winter 25-27 Cº daytime and 20-25 Cº at nights. 

In summer the average temperature on daytime goes around 27-30 Cº; 25-27 Cº in the evenings and not that wet, as you might think!

Summers are hot and humid. Especially, July and August.

Rainstorms are often short and heavy and the rainiest months are September and October.

Humidity ranges from 81% in summer to 79% in winter, and makes it feel hotter and cooler than it actually is!

Winter in Cuba is characterized by short cold fronts originated in North America and they usually start with some rain and after a few hours a drop of temperature occurs.

Cold fronts, which are not many, generally last for 2-3 days!

Temperature during a cold front?

20-25 Cº day time and 16-20 Cº night time! AVERAGE!!!

A light sweater and a small folding umbrella would be enough!

High season and the best dates for holidays in Cuba!

November to April is Cuba`s high tourist season, a time when planeloads of Canadians and Europeans arrive in pursuit of the southern sun.

The very high peak takes place on February and facilities do become over-crowded at Christmas, New Year, Saint Valentine, Easter.

In the high season some of the most important events and festivals are held in Cuba, especially in Havana.

The weather is perfect for the beach, the sun, and all kind of outdoor adventures like: cycling, trekking, horseback riding, and all sorts of sports.

The best dates are:

-November 1- 30 is a good time as well as the first half of December (1 to 20).

-First half of January (January 3 to 20) is an excellent period and the whole March.

-On April, after Easter, is a good time, although it can be a littler humid and windy!

Summer in Cuba…? May to October, low tourist season, best dates and price!

Cubans take their holidays in July and August, when the local beaches are at their most crowded and beach resorts are packed with Cuban tourists, but prices are low for foreign tourists

On July and August average temperature might reach 35-36 Cº at noon and 27-30 Cº in the evenings! It`s very hot and can be unpleasant!

If you are not used to or if you travel with small kids, be aware!

There are three periods in the season when you can enjoy a wonderful time and an unforgettable holidays in Cuba. With great weather and prices at their lowest!

-May the 1st until June 15th.

-Second half of September (15 to 30)

-October, from the second half on (15-31).

Hurricanes and holidays in the Caribbean, the myth!

The hurricane season runs from June the 1st to November the 30th in the Caribbean, with the worst storms in September and October.

I must say hurricanes are not life-threatening to persons sheltering in modern buildings!

And they not always hit the country!

                               Let`s recap…!

-The hot, rainy season runs from May to October, although the seasonal variations are less than those in North America and Europe.

The hottest are July and August. And in general terms, summers are not that wet!

-Facilities do become over-crowded at Christmas, New Year, Saint Valentine, Easter, July and August (beach resorts and by locals).

-May, June, September, October and November are the less-crowded, with reasonable

weather and good price.

-Hurricanes, a myth!

-In short, there isn`t a really bad time for a trip to Cuba!

Well, this is what I have to share to you!

When you make the decision on when to have your vacations in Cuba, let me know how I can help you and assist you…I will be here for you!

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