Guys, you can still make it. There has been a lot of noise about it, but the TRUTH is you CAN visit your neighbors! We know you cannot come in your boats anymore, no cruise ship neither, then why don´t you flight instead? There are plenty of them at a very competitive cost!
Very easy and simple. Read my blog entitle How to Travel to Cuba from the States? As you can read there, not much has changed. Some restrictions on certain places where US citizens are not supposed to stay and purchase things, etc.
A very strong reason you might consider for a trip to Cuba now is the category of Support for the Cuban People, just as simple as that! Actually you are going to change people´s life in Cuba, you´re directly going to impact local communities and small businesses in this tropical Island. Come on a private basis and get away of the pre organized packages, make your own vacation package to Cuba which is very easy as long as you use the advice of an expert. You can get a lot of a trip to Cuba by consulting a trusted expert on this kind of trips!
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