Cuba is the safest destination in the Caribbean and Central America.
I remember my first time out of Cuba. I stayed at a friend´s house and decided to have a tour on my own. My friends advised me not to walk into a particular neighborhood, because it might be not safe! Conclusion, I did not walked to that particular side of the city!
Something you might not know is that Cuba is a very safe destination. With a very low criminality level, La Habana, the city where I live and grew up, is the safest city of the Caribbean.
You can freely walk day and night!
There is no dangerous area!
No gangs, no narcotics on the streets, no violence on schools, no shootings, and so on…
Why is so safe?
Perhaps, the high education level of the population, kids spend most of the day at school, the lack of fire arms on the streets, too many police on the street, a lot of control on the airports and the shores around the Island. The list can be long.
Common sense issue…
The rule applies in Cuba too though.
Avoid walking alone late at night…
Hold tight your bag or camera when walking on the streets…
Be aware of wearing fancy jewelry items, etc. The cliché!
Remember you are in a foreign country for a few days.
There is no reason to take chances!
Take all this as advice from me when you travel to Cuba and you will enjoy a perfect vacation in Cuba.
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