I´ve seen so many travelers in Havana holding a guide book wandering around with no direction. You know what? They are wasting their precious time! In the end of the day they don´t get what they need. Real Cuba information!
That´s why, I´m proud to announce this must have tour in Havana in order to have a personal contact with you! And in this way, we can have the possibility to help you out at your very first moments of your Cuba trip. Many people struggle to get firsthand information on what to do and how to do it on their first hours in Cuba. Usually, expectations are higher than reality and that can be very disappointing. Cuba is a UNIQUE destination where you have to be ready to expect the unexpected always. No everyone needs the same sort of information, but according to my experience there are some basic elements you must seriously consider.
One hour walking tour in the Old Havana…
Over one hour of talking and walking in the core of La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) you are going to obtain the essentials and the best tips you can get for a memorable vacation in Cuba. How to deal with money, the people, effective ways to go around, the real cost of food and transportation among other sensitive doubts you might have.
Unique opportunity to get to know a local who can answer to your…
Questions of all kind can be addressed, we are open to anything! It is the authentic opportunity to get what you need to know at NO COST while having a relaxing walking tour by the oldest plazas of Havana!
Recommended at the very first day of your trip to Cuba.
Reaching me out and let´s meet up at place and time best for you!
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